This web site is still under construction and probably always will be that way. It is a collection of photos and videos of my model building hobby as well as a few other areas of interest to me. Hopefully I will continue to build on that for awhile yet.


My name is Arvid Tougas. I started in the machinist trade in the mid 50’s & took several shop coarses in high school. While still in school I worked part time in a maintenance machine shop in one of the local factories. After high school I spent two years in a trade school learning the tool & die trade. That was followed up by about 15 years in the trade, primarily in plastic mold making, and then finished up my last 20 years as a manufacturing engineer in plastics for IBM. I retired from IBM in 1994 and worked part time in another manufacturing plant as head engineer in the plastic molding department for another 6 years.

When I finally retired for good I moved to a lake near Brainerd, MN.. Shortly after moving there I cleared some land and built a pole shed for storage. The following year I built a machine shop in the pole shed. I still had all my tools from when I was in the trade. I also purchased some used machinery a little at a time until I got a pretty complete shop. That is when I got interested in building some simple steam engines. After a few years working on steam engines, I went to a threshing show in 2005 at Rollag, MN. where I saw a beautiful collection of model I.C. Engines. Right then I knew I had to build some of those. I found a dealer of model steam & I.C. engines not too far from here, so I went to visit his store. That is where I bought my first casting set. It was an Economy engine. Once that engine came to life, I was hooked.

I have attempted to organize the photos in an order that shows the build process. This does not work on many of the early engines as they were built without taking photos during the build process.

To view the photos in a larger size, click on the nomenclature below the picture. Click on "next" or "previous" to move to another photo and "Return to media browser" to return to the main menu.

Contact me at:  putputman@hotmail.com